Certificates of Origin that protect export merchandise destined to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay must be submitted through the computer application of origin.

The presentation can be made from April 15, 2019


The DIAN informs that as of April 15 of the current year, the presentation and reception of applications for the process of issuing certificates of origin, within the framework of the Agreement of Economic Complementation ACE-72, that cover export goods destined to The Mercosur countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, must be submitted through the computer application of origin that the entity has available for that purpose.

For the elaboration of the Certificate of Origin in the computer application, the Internet Explorer browser must be configured to version 9 unlike the old certificates that are developed in version 7 or 8; this process can be carried out through an emulation process by means of the function key F12 and there it is changed to version 9.
The Certificate of Origin is identified with the code 294.