Hermes Perez Izquierdo

Consultant Lawyer
  • Practice areas: Criminal Law
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Profile: Lawyer with experience in Corporate Criminal Law, crimes against public administration, against international humanitarian law and human rights and Administrative Law. Litigant before ordinary criminal justice, military criminal justice, disciplinary administrative, fiscal administrative and administrative litigation.
  • Educational Background: Lawyer graduated from Santiago de Cali University. Specialist in Administrative Law of the Santiago de Cali University.
    • Specialist in Constitutional Law of the Santiago de Cali University.
    • Master’s Degree in Human Rights, Rule of Law and Democracy in Ibero-America – University of Alcalá de Henares (Spain).
  • Experience: With more than fifteen years of experience in the Judicial Branch of the Public Power with performance in Criminal Investigation Courts and in the Crimes Unit against the Public Administration and Financial Crimes of Cali, among others.

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